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Wetsuits for Dogs?

What can be more fun than a Scuba Teddy Bear?

Got your attention, didn’t I?  I bet you expected to see that old and over used photo of the Chihuahua on scuba?

No, this post isn’t about taking your pets diving, per se…  but more of a reminder for me.  Or maybe from me.  Or both.  Every so often I need some sort of a reminder that Scuba is about fun.  The vast majority of us got into it

for reasons along the lines of curiosity, adventure, excitement (to an extent) and enjoyment.  Even those of us who make scuba our profession still do it out of a passion rather than anything else.

Scuba diving can add a new dimension to vacations.  Offer you new places to explore that might not have been on your list of destinations previously.  It can give new experiences to be enjoyed with family members or introduce you to new friends and acquaintances that you’d have otherwise never had the pleasure of meeting.  Going scuba diving can give

A scuba coloring page.

you the diver the chance to see first hand creatures that you’d only see on television or on the internet otherwise.

Even though scuba is an activity or sport unto itself, it has room to allow you to enjoy other passions right alongside it, and often even while doing it!  Many times over the years I’ve made a couple dives in the morning and played a round of golf in the afternoon.  Or found time to enjoy the beach, rent a car and do some sight seeing or just about any other activity.  I’ve even been able to do the exact reverse and make my dives at night.  In comparison I’ve been a snow skier/coach/instructor for about 10 years longer than I’ve been a scuba instructor and it’s been a very, very rare occasion that I’ve been able to accomplish this sort of thing when enjoying that sport.

I’ve always loved photography.  All the way back in High School I started with photo classes.  One of my graduation presents at that time was the Canon AE1 camera and a couple specialty lenses.  I’m telling you, I was set to be a pro then!  Wouldn’t ya know it?  Scuba is a perfect place for shutterbugs!  Once again, offering new and challenging subjects to learn to shoot.  Outdoorsman that enjoy hunting and fishing?  Scuba lets you combine them into a new and equally challenging activity.   Compass Navigation and exploration?  Scuba offers it.  The list is seemingly endless.

If you’re a shop a holic, this sport is ready made for  your addiction.  There is a never ending list of items that you simply feel  you can’t live without and it’s a sport ready made for the impulse buyer.  Trinkets, doo-dads, necessary equipment and more that changes every year or so.  New colors, fabrics,

features, functions and styles.  And if you don’t update your toys every few years you risk becoming an “old timer” diving on that antique stuff that was new and state of the art just a few short years ago.  I don’t know how many times over the past 32+ years I’ve stood and surveyed my gear and openly stated, “I have all the scuba gear I’m ever going to need!”  Only for another new gadget to catch my attention almost as quickly as I proclaimed my lack of need for it.

Scuba is the perfect sport for the shop-a-holic!

And then there are the gadget junkies.  Those folks who are forever working on their car, lawn mower, house, or project of the moment.  Scuba is one of those recreations that can be the gadget junkies mecca.  The sport started with a couple guys inventing gadgets to let them breathe underwater.   Over the early years of the sport a person could actually purchase manuals teaching them to make their own gear!  Everything from regulators to wetsuits.  In fact, it was quite common to find directions in magazines and once I even found a book at the public library with detailed instructions.  Even still today, some of the better gadget junkies I’ve met are fiddling around with new designs and ideas for gear.  And that’s saying a great deal considering the amount of time I’ve spent growing up with a family involved in motor sports and myself spending time in the aviation industry.  Talk about gadget rich environments?  And they don’t hold a candle to scuba.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is no matter how mundane it seems to get or how tiresome the “same old thing” seems to be, scuba is all about fun.  It’s an activity you’ll never feel sorry you got involved in regardless of your favorite past times. - Your Source for everything Scuba Gear Related...

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